3/4 shorts for commuting

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I'm thinking of getting a pair of 3/4 baggy shorts for commuting. Does anyone know if these will be adequate for winter riding? Also, do they generally come with padded insert?


  • Some are padded, others aren't. Too cold in the winter for me - I wear full length bibtights once it gets below 10ish degrees.
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    Endura do some with a removable padded liner. Too cold on the lower legs for me in the full depths of winter.
  • Hi, i use swrve's 3/4 length shorts, no padded inserts, just cotton/lycra mix so fast drying and a lovely fit. Kept me warm even in the latest round of rain, i will use them throughout winter on the commute along with the old waterproof socks to keep me sane.

    I have a pair of the endura's and they are a bit too baggy for the commute, bit thin as well.

    Hope that helps.
  • I bought a pair of Endura Zyme 3/4 shorts for commuting in, I tried them but went back to good old lycra. The extra length seemed to catch on my knees at a higher cadence.

    I'd still buy another pair to wear off the bike though, good quality and hard wearing.
  • I have both the Humvees and the Endura Zyme 3/4 shorts. They both come with the option of a padded insert. The Zymes are of a thicker material and therefore a bit warmer than the Humvees, but I tended to wear 3/4 bibs underneath. So as others have commented it may better to stick to tights/bibs.

    I wore the 3/4 shorst last winter cos I was too self-concious turning up to the office in lycra :oops: but now I don't care :P

    If it's just wet then the 3/4 overshorts are fine for me, as my legs dry quicker than tights. However when it ends up getting bitingly cold in Jan-Feb I'll prolly just stick to roubaix tights. While I like the Humvees better for riding in, they tend to slap agains my calves when they're wet. The Zymes slide about if you don't wear the Endura clip in shorts, not good for long commutes.

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    Recently started commuting 28 miles each way. I bought Altura Boulder 3/4s which come with sparate padded shorts. The 3/4 are excellent, the padded shorts ok. I think I will resort to bibtights when it gets colder though.
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    Having commuted 20 miles a day for the last 5 years, i have ended up going with 3/4 bibs for autumn through spring, or sometimes normal bib shorts with knee warmers. I have a set of Ground Effect montezumas, but prefer bibs, really. I have some full length tights for the real depths of winter. I have some windproof fronted ones too, but to be honest they get worn only once or twice each winter, when its really cold, as they are just too hot the rest of the time. But then i do overheat easier than feel the cold.
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    Chain reaction are doing some baggy Endura 3/4 lengths with removable inner short for 29.99 at moment.
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