Headphones / Earphones - comfy, don't fall off etc

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Can anyone recommend any headphones for cycling?
I don't like the in ear sort, I would like the surrounding ear sort (hope I'm not getting too technical here).
I have some surround sound headphones at home but they're far too big.
Some that would wrap around the back of the head, stay put, and not soak up sweat and mud too much, wipe clean would be good!

Any tips appreciated. :)


  • cougie
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    sennheiser do good sports headphones but I'd not cycle with them. Why do we have this need for extra sound wherever we go ?
  • I use the Sennheiser ones for a lot of my riding. They're just the 'in-ear' ones - the sort of 'ear plug' ones rather than the type that just sit in your ear and fall out a lot (like standard issue iPod ones, for instance).