Quest Scafell Wheels or Alternatives

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Does anyone have any experience of the Quest Scafell wheels shown at this site

Alternatively, what other wheels in the £150 to £200 range could I consider? I'm looking for a lightweight wheelset that will stay straight for someone who's 85kg and wants them for a new carbon framed sportive bike I'm building.

Thanks for any pointers, there are quite a few wheels out there and I'm finding it a bit of a toss up.


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  • gkerr4
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    i wouldnt pay £200 for any quest wheels to be honest (just wouldn't)

    I think in that price range I'd probably go for fulcrum racing5's at around £150 and save the rest for decent tyres cassette etc. ... 360026717/

    they always get good reviews and are seen as being much better than the 7's for not a whole lot of extra cash - don't worry about your weight - they will support it just fine