Specialized Barmac - anyone got one?

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Hello - has anyone got a specialized barmac wedge - the combined stem / bar thing is blingy carbon?

Specifically - has anyone got one with campag shifters?

I'm wondering if the cabling can be made tidy without taping all the way up the bars - i.e. stopping the bar tap just above the shifters and leaving the wing section top of the bar uncovered?

and in general - what do you think of it in use? - it's pretty short reach and drop I think - which I like - whats the build quality like and how does the 'wedge' hold the stem tight against the fork steerer?

I think it looks great - i'm sure it isn't worth the money - but I think it will be the finishing piece to my s-works roubaix.



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    I would use the alternate gear cable routing, and send both cables out in front of the bar. It still may not be completely tidy, but at least you won't catch your thumb in the cable...
  • gkerr4 wrote:
    I think it looks great - i'm sure it isn't worth the money - but I think it will be the finishing piece to my s-works roubaix.

    The best thing you could do for your Roubaix is ditching the 08 Centaur ergos for 09 Centaur ergos or 08 (or before) Chorus ergos. The Chorus ergos can be had cheap now.

    The mechanisms inside the "newer centaur"/Chorus levers improve the shifting by miles.

    Proper front trim, more positive shifting, and the ability to dump gears.

    Personally I don't think carbon bars make a difference to the performance, but the nicer shifters.
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    really - are they 'that' much better? - I do fancy a set of the 08 chorus shifters actually. I'm not that fussed about the 09 shape as I really like the previous ergos - switched from shimano almost solely for the feel on the hoods

    and also - I am about to buy some 08 veloce shifters for the winter bike - to change it from shimano - I guess I could get some chorus for the roubaix and relegate the centaur carbon to the winter bike (which seems a bit excessive - but there you go..)


    I knew that the carbon bars wouldn't affect performance - wasn't really after them as a performance upgrade - but I didn't realise the pre-escape (is it?) mechanism shifters were a lot better.
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    I fully recommend the switch to Chorus levers.....

    I've actually just done it.......


    My Centaur levers have gone on my "winter bike" - I sent my Veloce levers away ages to get repaired and they still haven't come back and I needed the bike this week to take back to university.

    As CheeseyJoe says the feel of the levers is like a different world - the mechanism is totally different - the better trimming at the front is a godsend with the compact - I don't know what I did without them.

    The Centaur is a fine groupset, and is the nearly the same as Chorus bar the ergos........I've heard the Centaur shifters described as "Super Xenon" - which I think is fair once you've used the Chorus/Record internal mechanisms.

    Not selling the Roubaix now?
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    Hi Red - you noticed that the roubaix was on the classifieds did you! - I was a bit down when I realised I needed the other knee operated on too - at the moment though I am in between getting knee's done - left one had surgery in July and is 80% recovered now - the right one gets done in November - so in between the downpours I have tried to get a few miles in - remembered how great a bike it is!!

    The chorus shifters are still, like £160!! - not cheap are they - in fact if I am going that high might as well pay the £20 more to get record ones? - seems a lot of money - where is cheap for chorus ergos at the moment?

    If I am keeping the roubaix then there are a couple of parts it needs - a new saddle to replace the old Toupe that I took from my old bike which is scuffed and looks worn. Will be replaced with another Toupe - hopefully a WC edition one if I can find one (see seperate thread!)
    The pedals which are double-cheap looking time 'Xen' (the basic ones) and look awful (but work great!) and will get replaced by blingy Time RXS.
    and finally the stem / bar combo which are ITM at the moment - ok - but not 'top notch!' which I think the S-Works deserves!! Looking at the Barmac for these - or perhaps the cinelli neo morphe ?
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    They had the Chorus Ergos at Probikekit for about £135 (free delivery aswell), think they've all gone now though.

    Personally I wouldn't get carbon bars - I don't really believe in them - although the integrated bars take the "stem clamping on carbon issue" away. I think I'd rather get some Ritchey WCS stuff - I just got the 4-axis stem, just waiting to find some cheaper WCS Classic bend bars now - I'm not getting on with the cheapo Deda "Big Piega" bars.

    I want a Chorus 53/39 chainset aswell, but I can't stretch to one of those now I'm going back to university. And with my Neutron Ultras blowing another spoke I'll have to send them away to get fixed, so I might just need to get some Record hubbed handbuilts to keep me going.
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  • I've not actually got one as such, but have 3 friends who do have them. They look so pimp and are really lovely.
    Unless you know how you want your stem/bars set up, sizes, etc, go for the s-works carbon bars and the carbon s-works stem. I have seen them with the cables coming out from under the bartape, and then taped underneath the bars, near the stem. It works better than it sounds.
    BTW there is a collar which fits inside the stem but around the forks, and under the top cap. Loosen the top cap, rotate the collar (moving the bars up or down), then tighten everything.
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