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GT Aggressor XC1 vs GT Avalanche 01

hodgey68hodgey68 Posts: 81
edited September 2008 in MTB buying advice
which is the lighter and better speced bike ?


  • bay86bay86 Posts: 17
    Essentially the same bike, Halfords version has a tora fork, GT a Suntour. Agressor has Juicy 3 brakes, Avalanche Tektro Comps. Depends on what others on here think of the pro's and con's of these components as I'm only getting back into mtb but I'd have thought you'd struggle to notice the difference.
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    The Avalanche is going to be the lighter bike - the frame is lighter i believe as the Aggressor uses the 07 Avalanche frame, and the Tora forks are meant to be a fair bit heavier than the Suntours. The Shimano brakes on the Aggressor are very similar to the Tektros on the Avalanche. The Avalanche gets a better chainset than the Aggressor too. Although the Tora is meant to perform better I have heard people say that they actually think the SUntour does having tried both. Wheels are slightly different, unfortunately can't tell which is best due to the crappy partial spec list on the Halfords site.
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