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PS3 SN's!

The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 20,783
edited September 2008 in The Crudcatcher
howdy, i figured there might be a few people on here that have the almighty PS3, if you do, add you SN here!!

my PS3 SN is DTBEN

usually playin COD4 (well pretty much all the time), but also got FIFA, GTA, Guitar Hero and a few others thats i cant remeber hense dont play lol

feel free to add me :)


  • M4rKyM4rKy Posts: 16
    alright, yup got 1 of those almighty ps3's here lol.
    S/N = hammybear

    playin COD4 all the time, rare other occasions are Battlefield Bad Company , GTAIV, civilisation revolution(strangley addictive) GRAW 2

    add me if u wish. see you on the PSN
    My ride >

    Going up is always worth the coming back down
  • awesome will do out tomorrow...grizedale :D but i'll add yow later on :)

    whats civ rev like? i was tempted by it today but havent herd much about it!
  • M4rKyM4rKy Posts: 16
    umm the graphics n story r pretty basic but its damn addictive lol its always fun 2 play if im off COD 4 lol
    My ride >

    Going up is always worth the coming back down
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