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carlosthejackalcarlosthejackal Posts: 176
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What's your favourite to eat and to make.

Paella for me, on both counts.
I am considerably more rock and roll than you.

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  • Sea food - anything that is edible and comes out of the sea :P
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Paella is up there on my list too - especially made to order :D
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
  • Sonic what a suprise you replied to a thread about food!

    My fave has to be crusty bread, cheese and red wine.

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  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    Anything with Pasta
    Sunday Roast
    Anything with custard :D

    oh...and bacon sarnies!!
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  • Risotto, or a nice pasta dish.
    Crepes with chopped chipotles and sour cream are my fave breakfast however..
  • Anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of a chef, have a go at this. Made it tonight, absofirkinglutely gorgeous... ... /227307/v3
    I am considerably more rock and roll than you.

    Road. Mountain. Up hill and down dale...
  • PopehPopeh Posts: 115
    McDonalds fries dipped in a McFlurry!

    Well not my fav, but it's good :-)

    Anything with Chicken! I do a lot of experimenting, courtesy of the chef that is Gordon Ramsey.
    Nothing ever really turns out good enhough for me to ever try it again though.
    - Marin 2005 East Peak
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    See food.

    a fire cooked shoulder of Lamb with bubble and squeak.
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  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320


    Am exccedingly good at bbq if I say so myself, litttle bit of coleslaw and potato salad, mmm mmmm, if I'm in the kitchen then its usually bolognase, chilli, or steak and fancy chips.
  • Tara911Tara911 Posts: 136

    The hotter the better! :wink:
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