How good are steel frames?

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I recently had a Cyclefit appointment and very much liked the look of their own brand Tupelo single speed that I saw lurking whist I was waiting.

I had a chat with one of the guys in the shop after my fitting and they made some fairly exotic claims for the quality of the frame and superb ride it gives . I think it's made from the same tubing as the Serotta Coeur d'Acier which does seem to get some pretty amazing reviews. Mind it should be good at that price.....

Seems like a hell of a lot of money for a steel frame to me just wondered what people think of steel bikes ? Is the ride quality really that good ?

Not sure I am going to spend well over £1500 on a built bike but I can dream.


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    No experience of that steel - but going back 15 years everyone was on steel.

    Are you sure about single speed ? Fixed - yeah, single speed - I just fail to see the point. Buy a geared bike and just dont change gears ?
  • cougie wrote:

    Are you sure about single speed ? Fixed - yeah, single speed - I just fail to see the point. Buy a geared bike and just dont change gears ?

    If I buy a SS it will be with a flip flop hub.
  • £925 seems to be a whole lot of money for a steel SS frame plus fork. For the same price you could a frame custom built by somebody like .

    If you're looking for a steel SS frame to build up, you could start with an OnOne Pompino frame for a little over £150 or a Surly Steamroller frame and fork for £300. You can get a Condor Pista frame inc. headset for £450 or built for £700, which is a bargain compared to the Tupelo.

    As for steel, I love it. I've got two steel bikes and I love the ride of both.
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    Be a little bit careful here; there are lots of steel frames out there. The money is probably a little much for what it is, the cyclefit kudos sees to that, a test of a ti frame from the same outlet resulted in an average frame, certainly nothing outstanding.
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    That frame is built by Serotta for C-fit and it is a high end,v.light steel. You are paying US labour rates and they are not being made in bulk and shipped in by the containerload. I think it's Niobium tubing so you need to compare like for like. How much is a 953 build from someone like Rourke or Roberts? Sacha White of Vanilla Cycles charges over £2000 for one of his steel frames (currently a 5 yr wait :shock: ). Someone on here will have a Pegoretti and I think they are £1500 (have a look at either Pegoretti or Mosquito bikes site). How much is a Colnago Master frame? I suspect they will all be in the Cyclefit area of price.
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    i still have my old steel Roberts from around 12 years ago, i con't imagione i'll ever get rid of it - the ride is that good.

    One of the lugs cracked around the head tube and i intend to get theis repaired so i can get it built back up again, probably as a fixed.

    For that money could someone like Roberts, or one of the many other repuatble british builders, not put a custom steel frame together for you.

    If you're buying off the shelf i wouldn't bother with steel, but custom....
  • as mrushton says ... you're paying big bucks for the labour. no doubt it will be a very nice frame, but if it was me i'd treat a SS as a utility bike and get something like an on-one. quite good fun building up a really cheap but nice town bike. The tupelo is not a town bike as it's too valuable ... kind of defeats the object ...