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Polish Vodka

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My brother just bought some back - with honey it it! Holy sheeeeet, this stuff is STRONG!


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    it is very good though.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It's lovely! Chilled, neat - with an ice cube.
  • Oh dear, this brings back some memories.............

    Five years ago I was a fresher at uni. Our hall had a drinking club, and to join we all had to complete some initiation tasks. So on initiation night we go to the local Scream pub. We start off with a game of Centurion, which is 100 shots of lager in 100 minutes. To make it a bit more interesting we play Thumbmaster at the same time. In this game, the Thumb Master slyly puts their thumb on the table when no-one's looking and the loser is the last person to spot it and put their thumb on the table as well. The loser then does a punishment shot and becomes the Thumb Master for the next round. Anyway, the punishment shot was "Polish Vodka". Everyone raved about how nice it was when they lost, claiming it tasted a bit like medicine and not like vodka at all, some even opting to do extra shots of it! It wasn't until about 1/2 hour later when people started getting stomach cramps that we were told it wasn't really polish vodka, but pure, weapons-grade laxitive. The recommended daily dose was 10ml, and one guy had managed four 25ml shots. In fairness to him, he still came into the club afterwards and spent all night on the toilet, eventually managing to hold it in for long enough to run to a curry house with us at kicking out time, only to head straight for the toilet there.
    Luckily I was so on the ball that night I never lost Thumbmaster :D
    I think the rest of the initiation stories are best saved for another time......
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    Do you end up with a shiny hangover?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
  • Jimbob_no5Jimbob_no5 Posts: 1,568
    what a cracking story Nick :lol:

    I believe in only 2 things in life.
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    2) D-Locking cnuts ;)
  • vodka + thats a tasty beverage :p
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    hehe, a band I know used to have a drinking game they played whenever someone new came out on the pi** with us.
    Basically, everybody took turns to pick a card, and whatever it was, the bassist told you what t drink - but of course, we all acted as though we knew what was going on, and what card meant what drink (although in reality, he just made it up as he went along, and we played along)
    Anyway, everyone gets something like "ah, 10 of diamonds, that means you have to drink a finger from your pint"

    BUT, the catch was, whenever it was the new guy, it never mattered what card he chose (not that it did for anybody), everybody went "OOOOOOOOOOO!" whatever he chose, and of course, he had to drink something stupid like a double whiskey, next time would be a double aftershock, and so on.

    Anyway, I had a trick deck at home, which meant I could make anyone chose the 2 of diamonds.

    So, to get back at the bassist one night, I made the new guy choose the 2 of diamonds on the first round, he gets told that means he has to drink a flaming sambuca.
    Everybody else get random cards, except when it comes to the bassist, I force the 2 of diamonds on HIM as well, which means he now obviously has to drink the flaming sambuca (so as not to give the game away).

    Anyway, from that point on, everytime the bassist picked a card, it was the two of diamonds, which meant he was absolutely smashed by his own rules within 15 minutes of walking into the pub - and he was in an even worse state than the new guy :lol:
  • hehe, in my 1st year at uni sum1 invited theire mate up (who's birthday it was).
    twas a monday night n we were all off the the club and the birthday girl had just gotten ready and headed into our common room with a 2l bottle of vodka, some coke and a glass...

    what a mistake...

    everytime she went for a sip we all got up and started chanting "happy biiirrthhdaaay tooo yaaaaa, happy biiirtthhhhdayyyy" which we told her meant that she had to down her drink.

    she got through over a litre of vodka in about 20 mins, went to the bog, chucked up and was sat there allllll night lol. :shock:

    however the next morning she said it was the best 18th ever as she's never forget it....what she can remember of i tho i guess lmao!!
  • DazzzaDazzza Posts: 2,364
    Is this the sprirtus stuff in a small bottle with a green top, it's 95% iirc.

    The polish never drink it neat, and even if you do they say you breathe in first otherwise it'll burn your throat.
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