Winter / Training Road Shoes

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(Appologies for yet another thread on shoes but...)

I have 2 road bikes. A nice lightweight "Sunday" racing one and a heavier Winter / Training bike. Both have Shimano SPD-SL pedals.

However, to date I have survived with only one pair of shoes (essentially my summer shoes) all year. These are now coming to the end of their life (at 10 years old I can vouch for Carnac's build quality!).

So I am looking at buying a pir of shoes to get me through the bad weather we are bound to get this winter (I do most of my riding as commuting), with plans to buy a new pair of shoes for the summer next year.

So the question is, which shoes are suitable? i.e. which ones are compatible with SPD-SL but are vaguely weather proof? (I am intending to get some oovershoes to improve the weather protection).

Thanks in advance.


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    Why not just buy one pair of good shoes and spend the money you've saved on a good pair of overshoes?
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    I use these for winter. ... 360032089/
    Not what you'd call stylish but the internal Gore membrane works a lot better than overshoes (opinion having used both) to keep the cold and wet out.
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    Whilst Gore-Tex boots are practical and help to keep your feet dry and warm, they don't offer much protection from the muck and spray, so for really manky days, I still put overshoes over my boots. I have winter boots from Northwave and Gaerne - one pair are MTB as often in winter you find yourself standing and walking more - waiting for puncture repairs and cafe stops!
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