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Old frame, new fork

naylor343naylor343 Posts: 61
edited September 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I am riding a 1998 Rock Lobster Team Tig SL which is fitted with a 65mm Z2 Bomber Alloy. This set up has proved great for general XC riding in UK.

I have now moved to the Alps and am finding the short travel very difficult on the very steep and rocky decents where I'm living.

Can I fit a longer travel fork? I was looking at some of the Rockshox forks with U-turn so I could possibly set the front to 80mm for uphill /flat and only let it out for descending.

Wil this work/can it be done? Any advice greatfuly recieved.


  • in my experience with having had a few merlins and rock lobsters I wouldn't go any longer than 80mm travel or you will fudge up your handling, in which case a U turn fork would be a waste, just get a fixed travel one, unless you plan on changing the frame at some point for something that can handle a longer travel in which case the U turn would be a wise investment.
  • Artillery Dave,
    many thanks for the reply. I do not want to splash out on a new bike as the frame (IMO) is excellent and also fairly light too. I think I will be going with your recommendations. I am looking at the Magura Odur 85mm this has a crown to axle length of 458mm over the Z2's 430mm. I am sure that when I purchased the bike you could have a Z2 BAM fitted which was 80mm travel with 445 mm crown to axle, so not a huge difference. Ones things for sure, the 20mm extra travel will make a huge difference on the local single track.
  • sounds good to me, a good choice of forks too.
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