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wich of these dh/freeride rigs is the best?

XC-rider93XC-rider93 Posts: 73
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wich of these dh/freeride rigs is the best?

wich of these bikes is the best? 0 votes

Kona stinky 05/06
0% 0 votes
specialized big hit 1
0% 0 votes
mongoose black diamond
0% 0 votes
Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho
0% 0 votes


  • topotopo Posts: 3,104
    I wouldn't pick any out of the above list.
    Whats your budget? and new or second hand.
  • £600 second hand
  • topotopo Posts: 3,104
    Is this going to be your first downhill bike?
    If your new to this DH lark then get yourself a strong hardtail which you can get for around £600, you will learn a hell of a lot more than jumping to a full sus bike.
    If this isnt then have a look on e-bay, SDH classifieds etc.
  • joed05joed05 Posts: 794
    big hit, only because i have one myself :lol: , topo is right though, if you're starting DH then get a hardtail, learn all the aspects of bike control on a hardtail first and then when you convert to a FS you will find the ride so much better and be a much better rider, don't make the mistake i did :oops:
    Best quote ever (pinkbike): "i've heard that Hill pees, deffecates, vomits and masturbates before each race to keep the weight down"
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