Convert Campagnolo Wheel to Shimano

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I have a set of Campag Scirroco wheels, and want to know if it is possible to convert the rear wheel to run with Shimano gears?

Will I need to change the hub or is their a cassette conversion option.

Many thanks in advance......


  • Monty Dog
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    There is no Shimano HG-compatible freehub listed against the Scirroco / Vento/Khamsin on the Campagnolo website - but a Fulcrum one might fit - perhaps find a friendly bike shop who as spares and might be able to advise. Alternatively, someone like Highpath Engineering would be able to make you the correct thickness spacers to use with your Campagnolo cassette for about £15-20. This only works with the Mirage/Veloce cassettes as you need to be able to seperate the sprockets.
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  • craigenty
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    I bought a shimano splined freehub for my Campag Boras. It's a fairly specialised bit of kit and took me a while to source one but Nigel at got me one pretty quickly.