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gone clipless

jackmcdjackmcd Posts: 185
edited September 2008 in MTB general

For any one else considering the switch I have just gone clipless. Switched my v12's for some crank brothers Acid pedals.

Initial thoughts:
acceleration - vastly improved!
up hill - slightly improved
getting off bike - complete disaster

Havent done any serious off raoding since the switch but have so far embarressed myself twice falling into nettles at slow speed on family friendly cycle paths... my kids think it's hilarious and my wife dispairs. :oops:

Is it just me? Will it get better?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i think it will get better, loads and loads of folk use them for all disciplines, i couldnt get used to them though so make do with flats :wink:
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    It will get better. I did the same on quite a few occassions... especially when following family up a gravel path... wife stops and I fall off behind her.

    You do get used to unclipping faster (sort of automatically) but mainly I find that I anticipate more now...
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  • gazvenngazvenn Posts: 121
    first thing. can you adjust how tight they are? as i had my first proper "oh ****" moment the other day while clipped in on local trails and because of how loose i had them foot came right out and i didnt end up lieing in a big puddle, just a wet foot.
  • kegskegs Posts: 204
    You get used to flicking your heels out instead of just lifting your feet off pretty quickly.

    The only times I have ever had trouble getting my feet off the pedals has been in real slow speed comedy tumbles, every time I have crashed at speed my feet have come out without me even having to think about it.

    Everyone takes a couple of comedy tumbles when they first try clipless, its some kind of tradition or old charter or something ;)
  • jackmcdjackmcd Posts: 185
    Thanks folks.

    Will persevere but stick to smooth trails - dont think I am quite ready for any red trail descents in them!
  • rakh1rakh1 Posts: 49
    Also just got my first set of clips - Crank Bros Candy Cs - and have the same issue as you - LOTS of falling off to the side at slow speed. I found that adjusting the position of the cleat on the shoe made a huge difference (not only for-aft but also the angle that you set it - try and make the clips point inwards at the front as much as possible) AND that the more you use them the easier it gets - I guess they start to wear a little. However, am still not as fast getting out as I was with toe-cages....

  • jackmcdjackmcd Posts: 185
    Cheers Bud

    Also - discovered this weekend that one cleat was a little loose. Rather than make it easier it was moving instead of twisting loose - oops!
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