garmin 705 not detecting cadence sensor

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My Garmin 705 cadence sensor (GSC 10) has stopped communicating with the 705 itself.

Both devices still seem to work; when I press the reset button on the cadence sensor, the red light still comes on every time the crank arm moves past it, and the Garmin was fine for a 120km ride I did yesterday with no other problems.

Anyone have any ideas?? :?


  • spivvy
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    You've probably already done this but my first steps would be:

    Settings > ANT+Sport > Accessories - check that you have the sensor present (rescan).

    Settings > Bike Profile - make sure cadence is ticked.
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    I had the same problem, ended up sending it back for a replacement.

    do you have the wheel magnet sensor arm up or down? Seems to be a problem with heavy rain when the arm is up.
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