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Mavic Crossride Wheels

willy bwilly b Posts: 4,125
edited September 2008 in MTB buying advice
Right I'm after a lightweight set of wheels and think I'm going to get the Crossride wheels.

Firstly any other wheels for around that price (£115 for a pair) that i should consider?

Secondly which bloody colour should i get...

For this so is it silver, orblack...



  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    I'd also consider:

    Mavic XC717 + DT Comp spokes + XT Hubs, custom built at Merlin for £127 with free postage.

    Similar weight, narrower rim but praised reliability and strength, mainly from the 32 standard spokes and decent build I'd assume. Fulcrum Red Metal 5s are available at a few places, 100g lighter than Crossrides, very similar package aside from that, I can't vouch for their reliability though.

    I've had my Crossride UBs for over a year now, ridden a few times every week. About 50 mile so far this week, mainly country roads and bridleway as I usually use my Meta for trail center riding. They've never needed truing, no snapped spokes, the sealed cartridges are still running perfectly.
  • chrisgachrisga Posts: 587
    I bought some crossrides and think they look ace. Havent had any problems with them going out of true or spoke snapping etc etc, just a shame they arent a tad lighter, but they were cheap so cannot complain really! No issues here with the freehub ratchety thingy either which I have heard can be problematic. If you are purely running discs get the crossride discs not the UB ones in your link, I think they look better and the mavic website says they are 50 grams lighter for the pair..... Oh and i am probably teaching a granny to suck eggs but make sure your discs are the 6 bolt type so they will fit straight on your new wheels.

    p.s. i'd go for the black option on your giant....
  • I've been using a set of the disc only crossrides for nearly a year now on my commuter and have been impressed with them for the money.

    However, I have just managed to break a rear spoke and am now desperately trying to find somewhere that stocks replacements with no luck :cry:

    Mavic spares/support in the UK seems to be virtually non existent sadly.

    Has anyone managed to find a source of spokes in the UK, or another spoke supplier that offers straight pull bladed spokes that will fit?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    That's the problem, with Crossrides - hard to get spares for! Try R Chicken and Son, the importer.

    I'd go for XT hubs. Mavic 717 rims. Mor durable, and easy to get parts for.
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    As Mavic are now starting to sell direct their spares support is all over the place! It's meant to get sorted in a few weeks/months though.
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  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    XT hubs and Mavic 719 rims they are same 19mm inside width as crossrides so you can use them for 2.3 size tyres
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  • eddyesieddyesi Posts: 198
    Mavic crossride- great 19mm rims, so take up to 2.3 tyres, not to heavy especially the latest 08 disc models, but have a V option too

    Mine are nearly 2 years old, survived 2 full winters of proper weekly riding and 1 summer, bearings and freewheel just needing a service now, but all is easily servicable (cartridge bearings with great seals) if you can get the bits

    And thats with a 15st censored riding a hardtail badly over proper XC, will handle bridleways and singletrack fine.

    Plus they look great, all black or silver with flat striaght pull spokes too, would go black myself

    cant find anything better for less than double to price, definately one of my best buys.
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