Race bike with full mudguards and eyelets

Ed McC
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Following on from my £1K winter bike thread, to help me draw up a short list, which race orientated bikes have full mudguard clearance and eyelets?

I know from my previous thread that Kenesis do and come recommended. Do Giant SCR's? What about Trek, Cannondale and Bianchi - do they do them?


  • ris
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    i'm not sure about the extent of the mudguard clearance, but as far as i know the giant scr/defy (new name for 09) has mudguard eyes. the specialised allez sport bikes have eyes too. again, the clearances might not be generous!
  • JamesB
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    Look at Van Nic site; and check out the Yukon, takes m`guards, weighs in at <20lb, bit more than 1k though. :) I can ride mine as mudguarded with training wheels at about 20lb or stripped with EA 90SLs to be at 18.5 lb and it makes a good `do it all` type bike :D
  • Why not get a british frame builder to make you what you want?

    I got Bob Jackson to build me a frame, race angles, sloping top tube, oversize 631, brazed lugless. Looks great but also has mudguard clearance. Im fact it is my winter/summer training bike and I leave the mudguards on all year round.
  • Tom Butcher
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    If Chain Reaction have any of the Principia RSL AS frames left they fit the bill - I've raced on mine a few times and it's got quite generous mudguard clearance - I've had winter bikes with mudguard eyes where the clearance was so tight it made fitting guards and stopping them getting filled with mud and rubbing the tyre a right faff.

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  • bill57
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    If Chain Reaction have any of the Principia RSL AS frames left they fit the bill

    Tread carefully here - I was going to buy one of these, but if you check the photos on the site, the Oasis Green frame has no downtube bosses - just a hole through the downtube. After many emails, they confirmed that, yes, this was what I would get. In addition, fitted headset cups, but not the rest of the headset! Since all Principia frames come with a fork, these have presumably been stripped out and sold elsewhere. The red frame shows gear bosses, but the communication with Chain Reaction was so bad I couldn't tell what I would get, and gave it up as just a bloody bad joke in the end.

    There's a guy in the classifieds looking for a set of these bosses for a Cannondale, and so far he's had zero replies.
  • alfablue
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    My girlfriend has a Trek 1.2 which has clearance for 700x25 tyres with mudguards. She also has a rack fitted and has done light touring on it, and it handles really well with panniers. This is cheaper tha you are looking for but the other 1 series bikes higher up the range have the same features. It weighs 19lbs, not bad for a £500 bike. The 1.9 has a rrp of £1000 and is ultegra equipped.