Specialised shoes

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Is it my imagination or are Specialized shoes on the small side?

I recently bought a pair of Taho touring shoes and had to settle for a size bigger than what I would normally wear.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with the Specialized range?


  • spasypaddy
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    no i didnt notice that i also have the tahos and a pair of carbon soled road shoes.
  • Scrumple
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    Shimano yes, Spec no.
    Normal size for me.
  • Both my friend and i found that we needed the size up in specialized shoes. We both have carbon pros and the s-works models and its the same for both (i normally take a 43 but 44 in spesh fits perfectly)
    . FWIW the s-works are the most comfortable shoes i've ever had
  • Marko1962
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    Well I'm off to Specialized Chester branch in a few minutes to buy myself a pair of Spec road shoes. I'm a UK size 9 (43) so lets see what size I come back with ;)
  • Marko1962
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    Right I'm home. I tried the Spec Expert road shoe in 43 but they were too tight width-wise and in 44 there was too much lateral movement plus the silver finish was just too flashy for me so gave up on them. I ended up settling on the BG Comp shoe, not quite as stiff in the sole as the Expert but size 43 was just right for me in both width and length plus a lot more subtle in colour...

    Out on the road soon to try out ;)
  • k-dog
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    I find the length okay but they are a little narrow - and I have quite wide feet. I normally wear a 9 but the 44 (which is more like a 9.5) fits nicely in the Specialized (and Nike if that helps).

    You just have to make sure you can get the cleats back far enough to be in the right place.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.