165mm cranks - campag compatable?

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I have very short legs, and changing from 170 to 165 cranks on my road bike and winter bike have made a massive difference to comfort, efficiency and to rehabiliation of patella tendonitus on one knee.

My second hand TT bike is great in every respect, apart for 170 cranks. The more forward position is a little more forgiving to long cranks, but with a resurgence of knee soreness (due to a horizontal thigh and acute knee angle at top of stroke), I have decided to go to 165 cranks (10mm less at top of stroke with saddle adjusted)

Those idiots at Campagnolo don't make 165 cranks so I will have to change BB as well as cranks to Shimano Ultegra

UNLESS; anyone can advise me of a third party manufacturer of campag compatible 165 chainsets, ideally with a 53 tooth large ring or campag BCD


Many thanks

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  • Hi Kevin,

    Sorry no advice as such, just curious as to how short your legs are?
  • Monty Dog
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    Kevin - glad to hear you're getting on with the TT bike I sold you apart from the short cranks. I have a mxture of 165mm and 170mm cranks on my bikes - I prefer 165 for track / fixed but it's nigh on impossible to get a 165mm carbon road crank these days. Apart from TA or some Stronglight, your only real choice is Shimano for 165mm - but they're all 130mm BCD so not compatible with Campagnolo chainrings.
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    I'm in the same boat as a mate wants me to fit some 165mm cranks (on a Campag bike).

    What I'm considering are:

    Dura Ace 130mm BCD
    Ultegra SL 130mm BCD

    and in 110mm BCD:

    2009 DA (available in November)
    Ultegra SL
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