Upgrade or buy new

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I own a giant Cadex CFR3 that I have used for triathlon, time trailing and road racing over the last 13 years. This bike has carbon main frames (90% Carbon 10% Twaron) with 7005 alluminium rear drops and an alloy front fork and intergrated headset. The groupset is 7 speed RSX. This year I completed a number of cycling sportifs and found that the 7 gears were a problem on hilly courses. Depending the rear cassette I fitted I either spun out on the decents or struggled on the climbs.

I have asked 4 bike shops about upgrading to 9 or 10 speed tiagra. All quoted around 300 pound for the upgrade. 2 shops said that the frame is well worth upgrading and that I would nt see much difference if a I bought a new bike. 2 shops said that I would be better off spending around 700 pound on a new bike where I would get an alluminium frame, carbons forks and carbons seat post decent group set. This they said would give me a noticeable improvement in performance. Fitting the group set is not a problem as I have a pair new wheels with a spacer in place.

Is it worth upgrading?