Television Coverage-----> is it true?

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been in the sport under a year as a roadie and loved nothing more than goin for a 10 -30 mile road then getting home and watching the track champs highlights from manchester or tour de france highlights on ITV 4.

but after reading a letter in cycling plus this month is it true that everything as gone to Sky for next year? even tdf highlights?

I find that shocking after doin the nation proud at the olympics in the track cycling category, after the government sayin that they want more and more young people to enter the sport, they then take the coverage away from every day people, to the people who can afford over £150 a year sky sports ?????


  • fast as fupp
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    BRITISH cycling have jumped into bed with murdoch (spits) so the track stuff will go to sky- no chance of the tdf etc- eurosport are a french company
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    I have two points to make about this.

    1. Who is in charge of distributing the UK TV rights to the World Champs and the World Cup? Is it British Cycling, or is it the UCI?

    2. Why would Sky pay one sum of money to have their logos all over the British track team, and then pay another sum of money to make sure that the only people who see those logos are people who are already Sky customers. Surely it makes more financial sense to Sky for their logos to be shown at the World Champs and World Cups on the BBC. If Sky just wanted to show track cycling then they could have just bought the TV rights and not bothered sponsoring the British team.