Catlike Whisper Plus...anyone here got one? Any good?

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Opinions? Of any sort welcome.
How's the sizing compared to say, a Met Strad?


  • redddraggon
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    I've got one, no problems with it. They are pretty adjustable so fit shouldn't really be a problem.
    I like bikes...

  • djb1971
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    Good quality helmet, well made but too much money for what they are. They also seem to be a larger fitting than giro, bell and specialized. The padding is crap and needs to be at least half as thick again or the pointy foam bits inside presses on your head when it's fitted snug.

    I'll wear this one out but wouldn't buy another because of cost. I prefer my specialized works but the catlike looks cool . I would try one on before you buy.

    They do come with a nice helmet pod though :D

    overall good helmet, cool looks but costly and you'll get the same or better for less money.