Winter Jacket Recommendations

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Can anyone point me in the direction of something that fulfills the following:

1. Must be hi viz - I have a black Altura Kinetic that I bought last year, did a great job, but there were a couple of occasions when cars nearly hit me for failing to make up for their inattention.
2. Must be comfortable for long rides - so must be very breathable (I carry a separate waterproof) - preferably a softshell like the Kinetic
3. Warm, but not too warm - I'll be wanting to use it all autumn/winter/early spring with suitable base/mid layering
4. Close fitting is good - I hate baggy clothing
5. Ideally under £70

Any suggestions?


  • cougie
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    My tip would be to just get a fluo gilet from JJB and wear that over your black jacket. Costs about a fiver. Sorted.
  • maddog 2
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    Gore Phantom but it might not be viz enough for you. Cracking jacket. Comfy, breathable, well made, hard wearing......blahblah
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  • Endura Convert, perhaps? The yellow version is nice and bright, plus it converts between a gillet and a normal waterproof, making it pretty good for 3 seasons.
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  • iain_j
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    I bought a Gill Freedom jacket at the end of last winter. Kept me warm & comfortable right through the winter, some mild and very wet days, some sub-zero days. Not too hot on the warmer days either - I've been using it right through this lousy excuse of a summer and not overheated. Pit zips, reflective piping, plenty of pockets. Doesn't pack down particulary small though, it's more suited to wearing all day.

    Full price is somewhere round £70 but I got it discounted from Wiggle. I've heard it's been discontinued, but it shows up in a few places on Google.
  • robbarker
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    I adore my Hilltrek double ventile cycling jacket. It's' red - ventile is not available in bright hi-vis colours - but is vastly more pleasant to wear than anything synthetic. I often wear a hi-viz saturn yellow reflective tabard over it for commuting and night riding.