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Spinning DVD?

dagzadagza Posts: 52
edited August 2008 in Health, fitness & training

censored weather isn't it? I have actually started to use my exercise bike to keep on top of things.

I am looking to get a spinning DVD to make using the exercise bike a little more varied. I have seen some samples on the web but they seem to refer to turbo trainers and bike gears rather than bunging the resistance up or down as you do on an exercise bike.

Any recommendations?



  • JasonRwmbJasonRwmb Posts: 268
    I have got a few of the Spinerval DVDs. I have used them a fair bit in the past year or so as I am often stuck at home in the evenings.

    As long as you can vary the resistance of the exercise bike then you will be fine. In some of the DVDs there are people on exercise bikes (as well as road bikes on turbos). To get the most out of them you will need some way to measure cadence and heart rate.

    The discs aren't cheap, but there is a good 2nd hand market so if you don't get with them you can easily flog them on ebay without loosing too much cash.

    Of the ones I have, the ones I use most are 16.0 Aero Base Builder 1 & 24.0 Hillacious.
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