26" wheel; hub gears....

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....what IS there apart from Carrera Subway 8, Spesh Centrum, some Cannondales (don't like 'Dales really) and Thorn Rohloffs (too pricey really and I find Thorn sizing weird)?
Preferably alu (lighter). Guard fitting a must. Discs ideal (hence the 3 speed Centrum possibilty - tho' 'grds would have to be a bodge).
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  • MichaelW
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    I chose the Dahon Cadenza 8. The foldy thing is an extra that I may use occasionally but it rides like a normal bike.
    It is a bit heavier than neccessary but medium weight (28lbs bare) and well specced for everyday city riiding 2x7miles. It is agile and well behaved and rides over ruff stuff well. I had to use an Axiom Oddyssey rack to fit the odd eyelet positioning. Fenders work OK if you bend them around the brakes.

    Would be nice if they put the rear brake on the chainstay like the Simpel Dailybread (fancy Swiss one).

    I think eccentric bottom brackets are essential of you want to make disks and hubs work togetther. No midrange bike can be had with adjustable Rohloff style dropouts.
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    Revolution Nexus from Edinburgh Cycle Co op room for mud guards and rear rack, I use ine for my commute and the odd shopping trip (albeit a light one)