new gaint catalogue out now

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hey just got the new catalogue on monday. most bikes can be found here
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    i presume the defy is the new name for the scr which was the new name for ocr?

    nothing like building a brand through consistency :wink:
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    hey you ckeck my flickr account you will see they do three tt bikes for 09
    trinity advanced £3250.
    trinity alliance £2000.
    trinity £1200.
    as for as the new name defy i am sure we will all get used to it pretty quick. well at least until they dicide to change the name again which by there goings will probably be next year... lol
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    I posted the following in a different thread: ... 0#14940950
    Dondaddyd wrote:
    Has anyone seen the new Defy modals from Giant.Or better still got one any comments on them as i just bought a scr2 and now feel a little silly. :oops:

    I recently bought an SCR 3 for £370, the guy in the bike shop told me that Giant's '09 bikes are all going to be more expensive.

    Thank 'Hoy' he was being honest and that I listened!

    Here are the prices of the new Defy range from the shop I bought my SCR 3 from:

    Everything is about £100 more.

    I suspect the OP paid between £550 RRP to £450 sale price for an SCR2 the Defy equivalent (Defy 2.5) cost around £100 more. So no reason to feel silly.

    It does seem that the Defy range has different brakes, bottom bracket, cranks and tyres. I think however - keep in mind the bike has yet to be road tested but the SCR range was highly recommended and sort after - that the additional cost is due to external factors (cost of production, shipping, state of the economy) and not because each bike has £100's worth more of kit, maybe I'm wrong as I paid near £100 to improve those dog awful stock kenda wheels.... The Defy 3, which is the equivalent of the SCR 3 doesn't come with a Tiagra rear shifter, its just Sora throughout and cost £100 more than the outgoing SCR3. I do, however prefer the simplicity of the range in that they give you a full groupset of shifters, mechs and in the Defy 1's case 105 brakes.

    The range is on the Giant Website
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    £175 off 08 SCR1.5's in the Edinburgh sale starting in an hour.

    would be tempted if I wasn't waiting for bike to work to come in.