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Getting "Spotted!"

ian baptisteian baptiste Posts: 43
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yea i know yawn yawn wake up and taste reality etc etc BUT...............

there is a lad in our club who is pretty sh*t hot at cycling! i wish i was younger and had his talent!!! he is a new boy, and he has only started racing in April this year.
he won his first ever road race (all be it a TLI road race) but he still beat some good guys.
he raced in the national 25m TT Champs this year, and has done 51mins in a 25TT and 21mins in a 10TT.
he has won a few TLI road races but has not yet raced in the BCF events.

everyone keeps saying that he MUST ride the BCF events, which im sure he will do in the future. but surely after 4 months of racing that this is a pretty good start!?

but his real talent is his raw power. he has a turn of pace that is just depressing for me at the end of club runs when we have a burn up. he can go from 25mph to 35mph at the drop of a hat!!!!!

i (and others in the club as its only small!) have no experience on how to guide him. he is 22 years old, and is worried that he has started far to late to make anything of himself. but he is talking of going part time at work to train and race more in order to improve! im not sure whether this is a good move!!!

so, my question is (and im sorry for the rambling) what should we do with him!!?? is it a case of ringing round local "teams" or coaches, or just leave him be?
another club member spotted on the BCF website a form to fill out to apply for the Academy programme, but surely he would ahve to be at the top of the BCF road rankings?

any info would be great, as we really want him to get somehwere, as he seems to have a fantastic talent that needs to be shown the way to go!!!

cheers all!


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