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Track Bikes & Racing!!!

steve23steve23 Posts: 2,202
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i have never ridden the track before, and am soon to try it at manchester.

with a few clubmates thinking of riding the track leagues in the winter, i am wondering about some questions.....

what races do they do on the track!!?? i.e. sprint? points? pursuit?

also, how much would i be looking at to spend on a decent track bike???

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  • yes is the answer to your events, plusTT's, scrach , devil, maybe hadicaps.

    A track bike to start with shouldn't cost more than a few hundred, though if you go dor disc wheels, etc then it rises considerably.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Track leagues usually have a whole host of events, from the short sprints, pursuits through to the longer points races and devils - check with your local league / BC site for details. The great thing about track bikes is their simplicity - you can but a decent used bike for about £250-300 and a new complete bike from the likes of Terry Dolan from around £500-600. Weight is far less critical - stiffness and robustness are key, particularly as a beginner.
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