Pinarello FP2 frame size-advice please.

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Thinking of buying a Pinarello FP2 bike. Im 6 2" and currently riding a 58cm c-c Tifosi. What size would I be in the pinarello because I've read that they measure their frames in a different way? Cheers!


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    I'm 6 foot bang on the nose with an inside leg of 32" and recently I was sized up for a Pinarello FP1 which I'm getting through our works Cyclescheme.

    The FP1 frame that fitted me was the 54cm sized one. The 56cm one was a tad large for me. During the sizing up, my LBS guy dropped the seat post a little to get a good fit. Reach to the bars both dropped and on the tops was perfect.

    Best thing to do is pop along to your nearest Pinarello dealer and have a seat on one, get sized.

    Mate has a Bianchi B4P Hydro Carbon Veloce in a 56cm frame size and it fits me pretty well too, so there may be a wee difference between Pinarello and other manufacturers as far as sizing goes.

    I would have gone for an FP2 if I could have afforded it, but I'm a complete beginner to road cycling and decided the FP1 would be a good start for me.

    Just waiting for my Cyclescheme voucher to drop through the letterbox any day now, cant wait to get on the roads on the FP1....!!!!. :D
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  • Wildy, don't be going with all that Pinarello nonsense. Get yourself a Condor son!
  • Sizing is a difficult thing to get right and always causes me some grief.... IMHO, it's not something that someone can tell you in one fitting session... It takes actual riding experience to hone in on... I've only ever bought 3 road bikes for myself previously and I'm about to get a Pinarello (not the FP1 or FP2 though). Anyway...

    The 56cm FP2 frame has a top tube length of 56.5cm.
    The 58cm FP2 frame has a top tube length of 57.5cm.
    The 60cm FP2 frame has a top tube length of 58.5cm.

    Whats the effective TT length of your current Tifosi frame? Compare the two & decide from there...

    I would be looking at the 58cm frame if I were you.