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Which Rear Mech?

coolchris555kcoolchris555k Posts: 11
edited August 2008 in MTB buying advice
Looking at XT rear mechs. Have some XT M-751 gear levers, 9 speed set up. Do I need rapid rise mech or normal? Does it matter?


  • You can use whatever you like, rapid rise or normal. The rapid rise will mean you get an easier gear with the finger lever i.e. it's the opposite way round. Shifters are all the same in that they all pull cable with the thumb lever & let it out with the finger lever. Some people like rapid rise - I don't! I got an older 9 speed XTR mech 2nd hand from e-bay a few years ago & it still works like new. It's the one bit of XTR I'd say is most worth it.
    The new shadow mechs look good - they come in XT and are supposed to be lower profile so they're less likely to get clouted by rocks.
  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    A thumbs-up for the 772 Shadow mech, I fitted one a few months back and my shifting has never been so precise :D

    They also significantly reduce chain-slap, and sit a long way inboard of a standard mech so are more protected from damage. Some people report them to be fiddly to set-up, but I found it the same as for a standard mech.
  • cheers guys, a RM-M772 is on it's way.
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