Time RXS pedal failure

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One of my Time RXS pedals snapped through the body last week, depositing me head first on a grass verge with a near certain PB on my local TT course cruelly snatched from my grasp :cry: . I emailed Time in France and the UK distributor (RJ Chicken) with photos etc. No response from either yet - am I asking the right people??

I know this has come up on here before and that there was a recall a while back, but how do I get a warranty replacement?


  • Jez mon
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    That type of breakage is nothing to do with the recall. What was happening with the recall was that the pedal body was unscrewing from the axle. I have heard of you type of breakage before, sounds bad and is slightly worrying (i also use time pedals).

    I would take them back to the shop and ask them about it.
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  • Tske them back to where you bought them. It is their responsibility to fix the problem if it is a warranty issue
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    A very belated updated on this - it took a while but I finally got a FOC warranty replacement from the distributors (Chicken & Sons) via my LBS Chevin Cycles in Otley who were very decent to take it up seeing as they didn't even sell me the pedals in the first place.

    Big hugs all round.