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Re-waterproofing a heat-damaged jacket?

ZippyZippy Posts: 189
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After eleven years and only a few re-proofings my trusty Pace Winteractive jacket didn't seem to be 'taking' either NikWax or Grangers wash-in jollop as it used to. (I'd used the two interchangeably over the years, depending on availability.) Pace told me to tumble-dry or iron the jacket: heat activates the proofing, apparently. Not having a drier I ironed it: now instead of the water beading-up as it always did the jacket just wets-out.

I noted that the microfibre outer fabric, hitherto always eggshell-matt in appearance is now in places rather shiny: like old suit-trousers used to go. I e-mailed Pace and they said perhaps I ironed it too hot and have melted the face-fabric. Oh goody: and worsy is that they discontinued the Winteractive jacket six years ago.

In an outdoors-supplies shop the other day I saw Grangers 'Fabsil': waterproofing for tents, awnings, canvas and the like. You paint it on with a brush. Anyone ever used it on a jacket? If I've gone and damaged my jacket I suppose the worst it could do would be to compromise the breathability, which remains unimpaired.

Any ideas on how to restore my old jacket, please? (I feel such a mutt.)



  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    I used Fabsil on a tent and it wasn't great. The best I've used on a Jacket is Grainger's XT. Comes in a trigger spray. If that doesn't work, then I'm afraid your jacket's toast.
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  • ZippyZippy Posts: 189
    Thanks for that, Splasher. I'll give the TX spray a go. And in what passes for a summer in Britain I won't have to wait long to test it out.


    PS I feel such a mutt; and you look one. Sorry – couldn't resist. I'll get me coat. (Jacket.)
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