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mega avalanche

mumBLE5mumBLE5 Posts: 153
edited August 2008 in MTB general
Does anyone know about the mega avalanche race?

I would like to enter but would love to do the main event but doubt I will make the top few win my heat. Would this just mean I miss the main group to start the event and race down with the second and rest or do you miss out if you don’t make the top grade?

Some people have said that the top 25% ish goes down the main event first then the rest go in a second group later but others have said that the first 25% go in the main group then the next 25% go in the second which means if I didn’t make it inside the top 100 out of my heat of 200 I wouldn’t get to ride the main event.

Does anyone know what the score is? I would love to go over and enter the main event but I doubt I’m going to be in the top few and would just love to do it for myself but don’t want to head over if it’s possible I won’t even get to ride the main ride....

Anyone know about the event?


  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
    Er - don't know the details you've asked for but do know that the Mega Avalanche was raced the week after the Marmotte - ie 4 weeks ago. So unless there is more than one a year you have a while to find out!
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    well you first port of call would be the website surely... ... anche.html
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    I believe the non-qualifying riders then ride the main event more like a ralley/time-trial rather than head-to-head race...
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    But everyone who enters gets to ride the full run in some way or another?
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
  • mumBLE5mumBLE5 Posts: 153
    Yeah I know the race has just been and want to try to organise all ready for next year.

    I have checked out there website and not really that obvious. last year the top 50 in each heat ran the full race then an hour later after the women places 51-95 in each heat start.

    Then 15minutes later it just says "MEGA AFFINITY Start when you arrive to the MEGA AFFINITY" which im hoping means everyone else.

    Not bothered about to race it just finish it so that ideal if everyone else just rides to get to the bottom..

    Best start organising.
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    website seem splenty clear to me...

    -The first 58 riders from each of Saturday's 'positioning qualifying race' will qualify for the Mega Avalanche and be given a race letter.
    -Riders finishing 59th – 109th will qualify for the Mega Promo on Sunday and be given a race letter.
    -Riders finishing 110th – 200th will then ride the Mega Affinity. These riders will not be given a race letter, they will use their race number and can start anytime between 10.15am and 11.30am. The Mega Affinity is a timed race without a massive start. .
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    dont forget you can just ride it when ever. like a normal trail.
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  • mumBLE5mumBLE5 Posts: 153
    papasmurf. thanks thats just what i need, I have checked the website out a couple of times and have missed that each time I will check again now..

    Thanks all for your help.
  • mumBLE5mumBLE5 Posts: 153
    yup just found it...

    I must be going blind or mad... maybe its not a good idea to run it!

    Thanks again.
  • conmanconman Posts: 4,328
    Mega Avalanche rules, two years now for me, get out there..

    Start of this years qualifying. Never made this years race due a crash, broken bike and bad weather :(
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