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weight loss - how much is too much?

turbo_hamsterturbo_hamster Posts: 116
I have lost a few pounds over the last couple of months. Not surprisingly, I am enjoying hill-climbing more now! Having lost those few pounds, I am thinking that losing two or three more might improve my climbing even more.

However, I am not "overweight" by normal medical standards. Last time I went to my GP, the nurse weighed me as a matter of routine. She told me my BMI was at the bottom end of normal, and I should not lose any weight. Can't say I agreed with her, as I think BMI is a very blunt instrument. I might well be "overweight" if you compared me to a competitive cyclist of the same height and build.

Are there any guidelines for how a person would know they should lose no more weight - or to be specific, no more fat?

At the moment, I am enjoying every ride, I am motivated to swim regularly and I sleep well.


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    you want to find out your body fat percentage instead. BMI is not terribly helpful because it only really works for 'normal' people, and who fits that mould?

    If you feel you want to lose a little more weight then go for it, but don't go mad.
  • richaricha Posts: 2,020
    Reviewing your Body Fat % would be a good start.

    Average Body Fat Percentage Male Cyclists is 5-15%.
  • richaricha Posts: 2,020
    Apparantly body fat can be calculated to a claimed accuracy of +/- 1%.

    Male body fat % = 86.010 * log10(abdomen-neck) - 70.041 * log10(height) + 36.76
  • Cheers, that body fat % calculator was easy to use.

    According to, I am overweight! So I can lose at least 2.5lb with a clear conscience.
  • according to that calculator I'm 5% BF!!

    Nah that can't be right. I would say if you wanna lose a couple of more lbs do so but do it carefully and you'll know when you've gone too far as you'll stop enjoying your riding and it'll seem that your training goes backwards rather than forwards.

    Good luck!

  • SunWuKongSunWuKong Posts: 364
    Had me a 8.2% which is way too low, I'd say I'm nearer 15% than 10%.
  • Seems the Body Fat calculator does not agree with some individuals - any other comments? I would rather look at BF % than at BMI. This simple calculator is more realistic for me to use than getting myself weighed under water. But I would like to be confident of its accuracy. In fact, I am happy with the figure it spat out, as this agrees with my own estimation of my body composition. Clearly, the jury is still out though.
  • dealdeal Posts: 857
    i have some weighing scales that measure body fat have but no idea how accurate the figures it gives are but around 20% its safe to assume i can afford to lose a few pounds :lol:
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