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Mobile phone use in the Euro-zone.

AdieuAdieu Posts: 83
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Does anyone know which would be a better option to send text's home to England from in France.

Use my current T-Mobile Pay as you go SIM which is 40p a text, or buy a local french company SIM whilst in France? Not sure what the price will be from it though.


  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    I guess it would depend on the French telecomunications company and their individual rates - you would have have to check them out

    FYI aren't Orange owned the the French State Telecom Co ?
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    When I've been abroad in the past I've asked my airtime provider about partner networks and it seems I was talking a foreign language :lol: Think they wanted me to spend as much as possible :(
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    How many texts will you send though ?

    Is this any use ? ... ming-calls
  • FWIW, Orange in England do a "camel" PAYG SIM card which gives you 20p a text to France and 15p/min calls, and so I imagine Orange in France will do similar.

    Or at least that's what I'm counting on when I go to France for six months in Ocotber!!!!
  • pedylanpedylan Posts: 768
    For short trips just limit your use to necessary calls and texts and tell people you're going abroad so they won't rack up charges for them and incoming charges for you.

    For longer trips to a single country a country specific sim is a good option. Or for multi country then an international GSM roaming SIM could be best.

    For short trips or teh annual holiday then the cheapest approach is just be disciplined - you're on holiday keep it switched off!!

    This covers the subject well. ... alls#local
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  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    how about.......go to a mobile phone shop in Euro land and get yourself a french sim payasyougo sim card. You can walk into an orange shop here and get one for a fiver. You can do the same in france.

    I have uk, swiss, french and spanish sim cards which I swap into my (non-network locked) phone when I am abroad.

    I can send texts cheaply, foks at home can phone me cheaper, if there is any credit left on them at the end it stays until next use. Ideal

    Top tip....if you don't do this and have push email on your phone....remember to turn it off. My company got billed £400 just in data when a colleague was at conference in Barcelona and was still receiving his work email on his phone!
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  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    when I went to Ireland I just paid the money for the ireland bolt on that meant i got calls and texts at the domestic rate. Meant i could keep calling the people i was with to tell them to hurry up :-p
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