What bike for race and MTB???

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Hi All,

I'm after a bike for the Pedal for Scotland race (http://www.pedalforscotland.org/), but am not sure what to go for-here are my thoughts:

- I'm going to buy another full sus mountain bike for off road use
- so don't want to spend much on the road bike as it's probably going to be used once or rarely
- should I then just hire one?
- or buy a cheap second hand one? (if so which brands/models?)

Hope you guys can help and thanks in advance!



  • roger_merriman
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    chuck some slicks on your MTB? assuming you have one? how much are you willing to spend for one ride? unless you think your going to use a road bike, and or taking the ride that seriously seems lot of money, there are old cheap racers around but most would require work.

    i'd go for tires your not likely to be that much slower.
  • ride_whenever
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    If you're not looking to keep it then hire one, that way if you don't get on then no biggie, but if you really like it then you can buy one at a later date.
  • ride_whenever
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    and you will be a fair bit slower on a mtb with slicks than on a proper roadbike
  • 100%
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    Or maybe a friendly LBS might have a nice demo bike you could use? : wink :

    After all, you are trying out road cycling by the sounds of it and they might get a sale if you find you enjoy it!

  • Steve_F
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    The Pedal for Scotland route isn't a bad one and seemed to be downhill most of the way with a couple of big climbs (one of which isn't being used this year).

    Two of the guys I did it with used heavy MTBs and managed to complete it fairly easily. If you aren't worried about a quick time just use the MTB and you'll be fine.
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  • manilow
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    thanks guys!

    yeah I'm only looking to complete the race so not bothered about time.

    as I say, road riding is few and far between for me, so think I'll go with MTB with slicks.

    thanks for all the suggestions!