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Where am I going wrong??

PeanuttPeanutt Posts: 229
edited August 2008 in MTB beginners
Ok, so I took my new bike out for the first time yesterday, very impressed, much more travel than my old naff catalogue bike and suspension that actually works.

I found some nice downhills, nothing hardcore, I'm just a beginner, but fast decents with some nice natural 'jumps'. Usually when I launch off something I can maintain control and land the bike however I was finding that every time I tried to get more than a foot of air my feet became detached from the peddles and I found myself doing an unintentional superman!!

How do I jump a bike and keep the bike stuck to my feet?
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Problem I had for years, and sometimes still do! I find what happens is that rather than just lift the front end, you physically jump with the bike - cue feet coming off pedals. You need to relax, keep your knees bent and fluid.
  • salsarider79salsarider79 Posts: 914
    You need to keep the pedals level to start with, then as you come up to the take off you need to rotate the pedal so your foot is facing slightly downwards. As you take off push your feet into the pedals and away you go. Try bunnyhopping first, that'll teach you how to do it right.
    Also try to get a back issue of MBUK which has a how to DVD....
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  • PeanuttPeanutt Posts: 229
    Thanks chaps, I'll give the peddle down thing a go, it's by sheer fluke I didn't break my neck yesterday, still, it was damn good fun. :D
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  • Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463
    Have you considered SPDs? :)

  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    SPD's are cheating :wink:

    *Whistles innocently*

  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    5:10's are as good as SPD's. :lol:
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  • switchback18switchback18 Posts: 617
    Amen to that. (5-10s that is)

    The simple truth is that there's lot's of ways of losing the pedals, but 1 way of staying in touch - RELAX. If you're relaxed you & the bike can take the same path, if you're tense you'll very likely part company with the bike...

    SPDs will keep your feet attached, obviously, but they won't keep the bike in line if you don't relax, you'll just find you and the bike rotating weirdly.

    Anyway, enough from me, I can't afford to teach online to much...!
  • skullthawskullthaw Posts: 321
    when u launch yourself off crouch a bit and lean back then ur 'glued' to the pedals
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  • xtremedashxtremedash Posts: 182
    Gaffer tape your feet to the pedals. It's a bit ghetto, but your feet wont come off.
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  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Are you still running stock pedals? If so buy something with BIG pins, Wellgo, DMR etc. At the very least you'll try harder not to hurt yourself :twisted:
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    Try putting larger pins in the flat pedals and a must buy a pair
    of 5 10,s impact low these are a must.

    Used to happen a lot to me.

    Just have to learn to bunny hop Andy B how do you raise the back up
    and off the floor in flat pedals?
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,906
    As you get the front wheel up and it's comfortably in the air, ensuring your cranks are level, rock your feet forwards so your toes are pointing down a bit and then kinda pull up on the pedals, this will lift the back end.

    Best to practise at rolling speed, then as you get it right it becomes dead easy at high speed and you can clear all kinds of big censored mud patches, logs etc
  • I just keep my body low and my weight over the back of the back and into my feet, sure keeps me on the pedals, but probably explains why I get censored air even off the biggest jummps.
    Gaffer tape your feet to the pedals. It's a bit ghetto, but your feet wont come off.

    or just try that! :lol:
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