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I'm just wondering if anyone has a Felt F55 or would like to offer any opinions. My LBS has them with £300 off currently, and I'm definitely interested, especially given the alleged price rises coming next year.

It's an aluminum frame, with carbon seat tubes and fork, Dura-ace mechs and shifters with Ultrega SL cranks and chainrings, at £1200.

It looks and feels nice, although I've not had the magic test ride yet, but I'm just wondering if I really would see any benefits from carbon fibre given I'm very much a beginner when it comes to road riding.



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    Hi and welcome to road riding :D
    I think that is a lot of money to spend on a bike if as you say, you are a beginner. Until you have ridden for a while you cannot know what sort of bike / frame / components you need.
    Start with something like a Specialized Allez for half that price which will sell well second hand if you want to trade up to a £1200 bike later.
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    Heck of a bike for £1200, taking account of the £300 sale price (Hargroves has sizes 52cm to 58cm inclusive on their website)!

    The aksium wheelset is a little unmatched against the Dura-Ace groupset, but at least they have a pretty good reputation for being strong, if a little heavy... but something has to give when you consider the DA groupset is typically £600+ alone! While not having a full carbon frame, at least it has carbon rear stays.

    I sort of regret not bidding on one of these in Easter 2007, which went for £1000 brand new from "the bicycle doctor" on ebay, but then I bid and won my F5C for the starting bid of £900 (from the same Felt dealer, based in South Glamorgan)! :D
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    I've had the Felt F65, which is the Ultegra-equipped version of the F55 - great bike!! The carbon fork, stays and seatpost all combine to give a pretty decent ride. I did Malin Head to Mizen Head [the Irish equivalent to Land's End to John'O'Groats] on mine last year and it was great.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I'd certainly say I'm a beginner, but I do have a 'cross bike and I've been riding mountain bikes for a couple of years.

    I like my 'cross bike alot, but it is a little compromised on the road. Pretty good for commuting, but I'd like some faster rolling tyres/wheels and I can top out 48x12 on the descents. I can get up everything so far on 39x25, but there are no monster hills I've been up here in Hampshire.

    Hargroves is indeed my LBS, and having a solid wheelset is a definite plus for me right now I would say. I'm relatively heavy at ~14 stone and I'm pretty hard on my bikes. Definitely like the idea of good shifting and stiff cranks etc. as I do find I get some flex in the current set up when climbing out the saddle (Truvativ PowerSpline 'Tour' cranks I believe).

    If I got for a dedicated road bike, I'm really looking for improved on-road efficency and speed over and above the 'cross bike, but I certainly see what Topdude is saying re: an expensive bike. Perhaps a better compromise is to go for a lighter road wheelset and slicks with an 11-25 (but currently only have 9 speed, using 105 shifters and mechs) cassette, and keep the existing wheelset for the 'cross events I'm hoping to abuse my bike round this winter?

    I guess the other compromise at this price point is to go for a full carbon frame with cheaper componentry? I get the impression at my level I'm more likely to notice the improved drive train rather than frame?

    Sorry for the long reply! Cheers,
  • i'm currently riding a felt f55 and frickin love it. absolute 100% recomendation from here.
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    Did you buy in the end? Im into my third year on my F55 and its still as good as new :-)
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    i'm currently riding a felt f55 and frickin love it. absolute 100% recomendation from here.

    I have a Felt AR - with upgraded wheels - I love it - a use every day aero bike, no hesitation and no regrets, and its a head turner
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