1/8" or 3/32" chain for fixed???

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Im just building up a new fixed and though ive been running all 1/8" up until now, due to a crank swopping problem, im wondering whether to stick with it or go to 3/32" chain. One reason being the ability to run a Surly stainless steel ring in the future if i go with a 3/32".

So, any comments about which to go for??? Thanks for any help in advance.


  • redvee
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    I've run a 1/8" BMX c/ring with 3/32" chain on my SS. At times there was a slight hint of 'chainsuck' caused by the thinner chain not releasing from the slightly thicker c/ring but in general I didn't have no problems with the set-up. Think this was down to the chain being tighter on a SS drivetrain then it is on a derailleur set-up.
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  • meagain
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    My order of preference is 1. all 1/8th or 2. all 3/32nd, but that said my Langster running 1/8th chain on 3/32nd bits and it's absolutely fine!
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  • Clever Pun
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    sheldon says 1/8

    that's good enough for me
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  • meagain
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    Just one man's opinion, like anyone else!
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  • graham_g
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    1/8" for me purely because those are the parts I've tended to amass over the last couple of years!
  • Dustine
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    I need a new crankset basically, for my fixed commuter, and its about easy purchase of chainrings and chains. I have the 1/8th cogs but would need to buy a 3/32 if i went that way.

    As a slight aside, anyone point me in the direction of a chain tool which can handle track chains- my selection is thwarted by the KMC chain i just tried to fit!!! Makes me think i need to check if the one i carry in my saddle bag would actually be able to fix my chain if out on the road....
  • The hubjub one is very good. Heavy duty and really well-made.

  • SamWise72
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    1/8th will allow you to use 1/8th or 3/32nd components, and to mix and match. However, on a 3/32 rig, it will be marginally more noisy. I put a 1/8th sprocket on a bike I failed to notice was running 3/32, and even on a 15t cog, it wouldn't sit down properly at all. I suggest that you use 1/8th unless you are damn sure everything you will use is 3/32.
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