Longer Rides & Focus Cayo

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Two questions really.

I keep seeing bikes classed for longer rides I.e Bianchi C2C 928 and just wondered what do you class as a longer ride? 50 Mile , 100 miles? etc.....

What is the Focus Cayo Like on longer rides?

I currently manage just under 50 Miles on my Flatbar and my hands are now starting to get numb. My left hand is really bad and will take a few days to get full feeling back in my finger tips. I do wear fingerless gloves with a gel pad.

I am looking at finally getting a "proper" roadie next year as i really want to increase my distance and do some more bikes events L2B and others. So far i am tied between Bianchi C2C 928 Ultegra or Cayo Expert or Pro Race.

The triple versus compact is another argument for another day :shock:


  • Smokin Joe
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    Comfort is 99% set up. Bikes are often marketed as sportive models with marginally more relaxed angles and there are many theories about one material being more comfortable than another, but if you get a bike that fits properly and use decent quality tyres and a saddle that suits the make or frame material doesn't make a difference that matters.

    Finding a shop where the staff know what they are talking about and even have a jig to help you ascertain your best riding position is the smartest thing anyone can do.
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    I agree with Joe. I've only ever had one road bike which is a Scott CR1 Pro and I use it for commuting (very comfortable), winter hack (who needs mudguards?) and 'longer rides' (5 hours+ with nothing going numb!) :D
    Still breathing.....
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    Yes fit does make a very, very big difference. HOWEVER, frame material/how it is built up does IME, make a difference. I have had 2 alu bikes and a CF bike. You really feel every bit of road buzz on the high end alu racing bike. The CF bike otoh, does seem to iron out the the road buzz a bit more.

    At the moment I would check your mitts, when mine start getting old and tatty, the gel pad can start sliding around and causing discomfort
    You live and learn. At any rate, you live
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    I have an 08 Cayo Expert and find it extremely comfortable. Longest ride Ive done on it had been 151 miles on a very hilly route that took 9 hours. Never once felt like I'd have to stop due to discomfort. Im a regular to rides of 60 miles though but even so once I'd set the bike up properly Ive never had a discomfort issue. I did change the saddle and bars and stem though to better and more comfortable ones.
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    antooony do you ride using the supplied Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels?
  • Got a standard Cayo 08 regularly do 70 plus miles , longest about about 85 so far , no issues whatsoever - for me 5'10" on a Large frame , with the stem flipped it is nice and relaxed geometry, not changed a thing tbh. I haven't even got any gripes about teh saddle , which other people seem to have.
  • antooony
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    NWLondoner wrote:
    antooony do you ride using the supplied Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels?

    On the whole yes, use them 90% of the time, never had any problems with them, had the bike 6 months and they've been fine despite me weighing in at 13 stone and giving them a lot of stick around the Surrey country side which as many people will testify doesn't have the smoothest of roads.

    Just a great bike, comfy, very quick, strong and well equipped, for the money cant go wrong really.