NOT a 'Which bike' question, instead......

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..which colour?

I've set my sights on a Kinesis Racelight KiC2 frame as the foundations of my new bike but I'm undecided on the colour.

Kenisis have evidently done their market research into desirable colours as I just don't know which one:

"Tungsten": ... /15108.jpg

"Pearlescent White" ... /10159.jpg


  • ride_whenever
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    tungsten, just to be different from all the white bikes you see
  • Tungsten. Pearlescent White's just a bit...bling :wink:
  • Juju_uk_68
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    If your paying a small fortune for a "favourite" frame, why not, as its a one off, and to make your bike really special, choose a colour you really like and then get it resprayed. If you fancy cherry red, or the bling within demands gold, then go for it. Or worried about theft? matt black!

    If its a purchase to last you years, then a custom colour will make the bike feel even more special when you ride it. Its not just "a" Kinesis.... its "Your" Kinesis.....

    Lifes to short to go with a crowd. I just picked up a Bianchi that "isnt" Celeste blue, and I love it more for that.
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  • ascurrell
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    voted for tungsten before seeing links, after seeing both bikes it's no competition, tungsten all day long
  • Lagavulin
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    Tungsten. Too many white bikes out there. :oops:
  • System_1
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    No no no, don't listen to them. White bikes are sexy. The tungsten one looks 'orrid, almost like it's pretending to be titanium. If you want to be boring then by all means get the grey one, but trust me I have one and the white is gorgeous. It has a topcoat that's a pearly green in the sun, like a very very subtle mother of pearl but not quite as ostentatious. It's lurvley.