£1500 to spend, What FS/HT

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Good morning,

cycled most of my life but now getting in to trails and real moutain biking (7 Stanes stuff). Picked up a GT Av 3.0 which is pretty decent for the price but looking to invest more around about £1500 maybe a couple of extra hundred on top so would anyone have any suggestions for this price range for a hardtail and full sus?

thanx in advance


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    I'll say go full suss! Trek Fuel EX8 is a great bike, nominated for WMB Bike of the Year.
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    Or if you still want a hardtail.. Its gotta be the Scott Scale 30...

    Carbon frame, Fox 32 forks..

    I think it won the WMB for best carbon hardtail for £1500, althought I'm not sure as there isnt a shop within 20 miles that sells it.

    I'm going to look at one late afternoon today, unfortunately its for a friend. :cry:
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    We've got one in the shop! Looks so damn sexy, as does the Spark 30 above it!
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    Yep - for full sus it has to be the Trek Fuel EX8.

    For hardtail either the Scale (although I don't like carbon frames) or the Stumpy HT Expert - I have the Comp (bit heavier, slightly lower spec) and it's superb.
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    If i was getting a hardtail I probably wouldn't get a racing machine such as the scale or Stumpy though. For Trail centre riding I'd look at something with a little more travel. Having said that, I'd buy the Trek anyway!
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    For FS....I got a Commencal Meta 55.2 recently from Merlin Cycles for under £1400 and you can get the 4.2 for even less. The 4 has 100mm of travel the 55 has 140mm. Great bikes - I've done some epics on mine and love it.
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    Thanx for the input guys, I think I can see myself on a trek in the near future :wink: .....
  • I am waiting on my voucher so that I can go and collect my new Charge Duster XT.

    Full XT shifting as well as hubs and brakes. A fox fork and Easton EA70 finishing kit.

    It's a steel frame so it'll be a comfy ride as well as being able to take some knocks and it comes in bang on your budget of £1,500.

    The bloke in the shop weighes a small for me and it came in at 27lbs so not too heavy either. It might be worth a look.