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Pine Mountain weight

Simon100Simon100 Posts: 17
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Marin Pine Mountain which I bought about 20 Years ago. Lovely dark grey sandpaper finish with bright orange bars and stem! Done me proud but am looking to change to a 2008 Specialized Rockhopper Disc. I think the Rockhopper weighs about 28lbs (correct me if wrong) and wondered if any one knows what my old Marin weighs as a comparison?
Thanks in advance.


  • kegskegs Posts: 204
    found a 91 Marin catalogue here.

    Does that look like it?

    Doesn't give a weight, but I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if it came up at a similar weight, or a bit lighter. That was a good bike when it was released, and rigid forks and cantis are going to be significantly lighter than sus forks and discs.

    [edit]The 92 Pine mountain weighed in at 26lbs, I woz right :D[edit]

    You might even be able to sell the marin to a retro nut if it is decent nick ;)
  • Simon100Simon100 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reply and catalogue. Thats the one! Surprises me its so light. I bought it of afriend and its a 19" frame, as i'm 5'8" I do find it a little large under me when riding and theres not much clearance between my knackers and the cross bar. Got me thinking now as I dont really want to go heavier and cant afford to spend much more. I hear what you say about the forks and discs. :?
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    A modern bike may be heavier to pick up but the technology on it wil lmake it much much easier to ride. Modern geometry has also changed a lot from when your bike was bought. Try and test a Rockhopper - you will be amazed at the difference.
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