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Full Service on a Full Suss?

canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
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Hey guys.

I have got a Focus Superbud (First Full suss) , and it really needs its first service after 4 months of riding, (I know this should have been done ages ago, but so busy)

Anyway what I want to do is get the bike fully overhauld and cannot do It myself as I have no tools.

I want brakes bled and all front and rear shock checked and oiled if need be.

Will a LBS do all this for me and how much?

I know I might need new parts but if anyone has done this, how much were they charged and what did they do for a full serivce and is it worth the price.

Thanks so much

PS. Fox fr, on front with rebound and lock, and fox rear with rp2 pro pedal.
Magura louise brakes, and mavic cross rides, and XT rear mech, and lx front.


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