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bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
FYI: The Cycleops website has some interesting daily reports on how the Garmin riders have been doing on the TDF.

Most recent here (Danny Pate in breakaway trio stage 15 Sunday) :,guid,30675c37-259f-4ed7-95b5-7cf8b8a9cf69.aspx

The Watts/kg is interesting. Brief article here,guid,2cbdaa04-7230-4823-b5df-ba24cd0ecdea.aspx

As a very rough rule of thumb (for sustained climbs) I think:
3-4 watts/kg = top 500 place on Marmotte
4-5 watts/kg = top 10 place on Marmotte
5-6 watts/kg = Tour level
6+ watts/kg = Tour winner/Exceptional/Suspicious (Rico was 6.6W/kg at end of his Stage 10 win)
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