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Shed Shackle anygood ?

Lee5768Lee5768 Posts: 25
edited July 2008 in MTB general
new shed arriving next week and ground anchor won't be an option

shed its self is bolted together with coach bolts so should be stronger than your average shed

just been looking for some sort of anchor that could fit on the inside of the shed and found
the shed shackle

what do you think ?

about £50 up are abit too costly for me

anyone have any suggestions for a strong lower priced chain and lock ? (think 2 meter chain so i can chain both wheels an frame)


  • gk141054gk141054 Posts: 175
    I got a Yale ground anchor for £2.99 from Home Bargains a few weeks back....

    Can't guarantee its any good and i've not even put mine in yet to be honest, but might be worth a look for you.
  • Lee5768Lee5768 Posts: 25
    cheers for the link mate

    it's looking like a good opion upto now :lol:

    "Make sure you fit it exactly where you want it, because once it's on it's nigh-on impossible to remove without sawing a big hole in your shed wall - neither you nor a potential thief is really going to want to do that"
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    to state the obvious wooden sheds aint the most secure of things to store expensive bikes in,.. ground anchors are good if you have a decent concrete surface to mount one but most sheds have wooden floors and sit on wooden bearers..

    the shed shackle is a pefect solution for sheds i have a few of them in my shed,,, they are so easy to fit even provide you with the drill bit, the sheer nuts are amazing little things they just sheer off when they reach their required torque making them imossable to remove,..

    i would say spend as much as you can on a decent lock or locks i know it can get expensive but at the end of the day its your pride and joy your trying to protect and if you want to get insurance you will need the locks especially to cover the bikes in the shed against theft.....

    there are some decent chains on their own website

    or try looking up these are very very good quality chains they aint cheap but like i said its your bike your trying to protect.

    i rate the shed shackle if you have no other options ie ground anchor or use both togeather....
  • Lee5768Lee5768 Posts: 25
    Think i will order one of the package deals they have £100 for shed shackle
    Protector 10mm Chain and a Squire 39CS lock

    save all the messing about an get everything it one hit

    thanks for your help all
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