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Recommend me a turbo workout

JonEdwardsJonEdwards Posts: 452
I've bust (in a yet to be defined way) my wrist, so can't ride. :(

Can somebody point me in the direction of a turbo training work out, so I can attempt to keep some level of fitness while it heals up.

Nothing longer than an hour please! There's a very definite limit to my boredom threshold!




  • idaviesmooreidaviesmoore Posts: 557
    Try this:-

    1. Warm Up - 10 mins easy gear. steady cadence 60-65. Increase to 80-85 towards the end of warm up
    2.Work Phase- Choose gear that will allow you to maintain 110 rpm (if you haven't got cadence monitor you'll have to work it out). Start in small ring if necessary. Spin that gear for 1 minute then after that minute change up. Keep changing up after each minute untill you can no longer maintain 110 rpm. That is 1 interval.
    3. Rest- 5 minutes
    4. Work Phase- Repeat above interval
    5.Rest- 5minutes
    6. Work Phase- 30 seconds at as high cadence you can on big ring. 1 minute rest in between each burst. Find challenging gear.
    7. Cool Down- 10 mminutes

    Use HRM if you have one. This is tougher than it sounds once you have got rpm and gearing sussed out.

    ENJOY :twisted:
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  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    if you can - try and get some of the carmicheal training dvds - they are all an hour long and run an interval workout for you

    basically you are like sitting in on a spinning class with chris carmichael wandering around talking about what you are doing and why and whats coming next - occasionaly he will wander over to talk to the other 'cyclists' (who look more like gym-rats than cyclists mind)

    there is a 'dashboard' thing on the bottom of th screen to tell you of perceived effort you should be at along with cadence, time left in this interval and time remaining on workout.

    I find them the ONLY way I can use a turbo trainer - the time trial one came with my cycleops trainer and I have since bought the general fitness one - very good but expensive at around £19 / dvd
  • coulchercoulcher Posts: 95
    I second the Carmicheal DVDs. I've ripped them onto the ipod so can use them at the work gym or in hotels on business trips. Because of the dashboard gkerr4 mentioned you can switch off a little from the dvd once you get used to one and do something else (read magazine, watch film etc) and still follow Carmicheals instructions by glancing at the timer and dashboard on ipod. Helps beat the boredom.

    They've been indispensable in helping me train more efficiently with the reduced opportunities that fatherhood grants you.

    Once you've remembered a few of the routines you can do them from memory while watching ripped comedy series on the ipod. Peep Show Series 1-4 saw me through this Spring.
  • V-twinV-twin Posts: 49
    Are all the Carmichael DVDs interval based?

    The Cycling For Fitness one looks a pretty broad based bet to start with - any opnions on it from those who have used it to break the mindless tedium of examining a garage wall for an hour...?


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