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French Alps - Where should i go

turbodogturbodog Posts: 246
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Sorry if there is a duplicate thread.

I will be heading to French Alps in Sept for a long weekend holiday. My hotel is located in a city called Grenoble and I would like to do some downhill riding similair trails as Glentress.

Could anybody advise me where should I go and is there a website with a relevant information.for my research.



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    If you can ski it in winter you can DH it summer, try google :lol:
  • turbodogturbodog Posts: 246
    jacks2ts wrote:
    If you can ski it in winter you can DH it summer, try google :lol:

    Pretty obvious answer. I have googled for it and getting a lot of information (too much for me to digest). I am more looking for recommendation from people who went there.
  • stevocxtstevocxt Posts: 7
    I just got back from Morzine / Les gets. It's one of the best biking area in the alps although it's about 80 odd miles from grenoble. It has world cup downhill courses & all the top riders go there. Also has a large Kona bike park (we couldn't get to it though as the chair lift was closed).
  • Try this site. It is in french.
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