Womens "larger" clothing

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Hi all,

My first post here after reading many helpful topics on other area's of interest, i thought this could be a great place to try find an answer to my question.

Are there any decent websites for bike clothing for the "larger" women? i recongise that most sites do sizes for already fit and trim ladies, however, i'm looking for a plus size collection if anyone can help?

Many thanks in Advance :)


  • smill45
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    Try www.Minx - Girl.com - they have a new Plus size section.
  • Do you know anyone who can sew? As making them your self wont cost you a arm an leg, fit better.
    Also have a better range of colour than the normal black.
  • claash
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    Hi M4tta,
    I use minx lots! And the sizing descriptions are really good even if the manufacturer cuts a bit small.
    THe service is great, and I am sure she will help to source stuff for you! :D
    Also she has the funkiest stuff!! 8) 8)

  • lovewales
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    Depends on size you need, I'm a size 24 and happy with my size, my only bug bear is trying to get clothing, I usualy go to deacthlon for lycra as they are cheap and all the sizes are on the rack so you don't have to ask.

    Also take a look here I asked the same question on Shecycles and got lots of replies

    Hope you find some and I will be keeping an eye on the thread :)
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