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New All Mountain / XC Bike?!

tvrboytvrboy Posts: 199
edited July 2008 in MTB general
Hi peeps,

havent been on the forums for probably 2-3 years :shock: however after testing a bunch of bikes for the third year at mountain mayhem the bug is back and im looking for a new bike :)

Hopefully i can have some advice, i have been out of the biking loop for quite some time and so basically i have little idea of what bike to get.

I am looking for a bike to do All Mountain (i assume this terms means what it says on the tin) / XC type of bike. I had a 24 Bikes Le Toy before and although good, it was censored at going up hills and this time round i want something which can climb as well as come down well.

I have been looking at the Orange Crush / P7 and they both look like good bikes and seem to be for this however i cant really find a definitive review which says exactly what they are good for. I'm swayed towards the Crush due to the price, and because it looks lke it does the same job.

Does anyone have these bikes, are they good?

Cheers! :D

*Edit- looks like this topic might be in the wrong section too- sorry!
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